doggybag's commissions


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- furries

- monsters

- cartoony people

- horror


- NSFW/fetish

- realism

- excessive gore

- hate symbols

ask if you aren't sure if your request falls into one of these categories!

payment will be done through PayPal.

i'll request a 50% down payment after you confirm you're satisfied with the preliminary sketch i send you.

send me the e-mail address linked to your PayPal account and i'll send you an invoice! ( links will not work)

turnaround time varies, but may take up to a month after payment is recieved.

before delivering the final result in full resolution, i'll request the other 50%.

slots are first come, first served.

i reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.

dm me on twitter or email me

thanks so much for your interest!